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Rick Steber

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Rick Steber, the author of more than 30 books and sales of more than a million copies has received national acclaim for his writing. His numerous awards include the Western Writers of America Spur Award for Best Western Novel, Western Heritage Award, Benjamin Franklin Award, Mid-America Publishers Award, Oregon Library Association Award, Oregon Literary Arts Award, Independent Publishers Book Award, Indies Award for Excellence; and the USA Best Book Award. Three of his books have been optioned to movie production companies.

In addition to his writing, Rick is an engaging Western personality and has the unique ability to make his characters come alive as he tells a story. He has spoken at national and international conferences and visits schools where he talks to students about the importance of education, developing reading and writing skills, and impressing upon them the value of saving our history for future generations.

Rick has two sons, Seneca and Dusty, and lives near Prineville, Oregon. He writes in a cabin in the timbered foothills of the Ochoco Mountains.

Reviewers say...

“Rick Steber has given us a fine example of how fiction can tell the grim facts of history in a highly readable novel. His books should be added to the reading lists of students of American history.” (Tony Hillerman)

“Steber's words remind you of Hemingway or Fitzgerald....” (LA Times)

“Rick Steber captures beautifully the mood of the times and of the sturdy people who lived it.” (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

The stories spun by Steber prove that history can be not only interesting, but entertaining.” (The Oregonian)

“Steber evokes an era that you need not have lived through to regret its passing.” (Sports Illustrated)

His (Steber) prose is deliciously entertaining ... I shouted out passages to anyone in earshot. I simply loved it.” (Gannett Westchester Newspapers)

“Rick Steber's specialty is stories of the West, tales woven from the fabric of the land. His prose deals with people, their relationship with each other and with this place. And his special gift to us is his service as a literary lifeguard—saving stories before folks take them to their graves.” (Jonathan Nicholas - The Oregonian columnist)