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Announcing the release of, Little White Man by award-winning Eastern Oregon author Rick Steber


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Little White Man

A full half-century after Dr. Marcus and Narcissa Whitman lost their lives at the hands of the Cayuse Indians, Jimmy Cornelison, a young man with strong convictions and a calling from God, is assigned as the new missionary. The 21-year-old minister that the Indians name Shoyapo Shoyapo – Little White Man – faces a skeptical congregation made up of the descendants of those who committed the murders. His authority is swiftly challenged by Chief Peo, a powerful and fearsome leader among his people. The stage is set for two strong-willed men to collide in an epic David-and-Goliath battle over the dominance of the white man’s religion.

Little White Man makes clear what went on back in history; the involvement of the Cayuse tribe in the killings at the Whitman Mission and the repercussion when the United States Army tried to kill off the Indian people. Years later the Christian Indians wanted to have a missionary come among them once again. Little White Man tells how the missionary, Jimmy Cornelison, learned to speak the Indian language and how he brought together the Indian people. This is a very powerful story. I hope everyone will read it, and that they will learn from what it has to say.’

Jesse Jones, Junior – Chief of the Cayuse tribe

In my opinion, Little White Man, is a great book, about a great person who came to Oregon to minister to a great people. I highly recommend that everyone read, Little White Man.

Bill Hansell, Oregon State Senator

Little White Man is a wonderfully written book set on the Columbia Plateau a half-century after the Whitman Massacre. This story portrays the complex relationships and conflicts among zealous Christian missionaries, land-hungry pioneers and native people. Little White Man is a microcosm of the profound and painful changes forced upon Native Americans in the name of Manifest Destiny. Five stars!

Alys Means, Director-Curator, Benton County Museum & Historical Society

Little White Man highlights the many terrible injustices and prejudices that befell the Native People of Eastern Oregon. Rick Steber has done a truly masterful job of researching the events, and then telling such a powerful and compelling story that the reader begins to see history in an entirely new light. More than any other book, this story brings history alive.

Steve Lent, Historian, Bowman Museum, Prineville, Oregon

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